Palestinians call for saving Palestinians in Israeli jails from Coronavirus

Palestinians have launched a campaign to exert pressure on the Israeli occupation authorities to provide adequate health care to the Palestinian prisoners to protect them from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ex-detainee Adnan Hamarsha said in statements during a radio show that Palestinian detainees in the occupation jails are subjected to deliberate and systematic neglect by the Israeli occupation Prison Service which puts their lives at risk especially with the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Jameel Sa’adeh, head of the legal department at the Palestinian Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs Commission, said the Palestinian prisoners are more vulnerable now with the absence of vital health care and necessary preventive measures by the occupation Prison Service.

Many human rights organizations held the Israeli authorities responsible for the lives of Palestinian detainees and called for the release of prisoners with health problems as well as children, women and elders.

Meanwhile, the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad has launched a campaign entitled “You Are Not Alone” to express solidarity with Palestinian detainees in Israeli occupation  jails and raise awareness about the deliberate neglect they are exposed to in the midst of a global pandemic.

(Source: Palestine Abroad)


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