“Israel” asks 5,000 Palestinian detainees to use their socks as masks to avoid getting infected with Coronavirus

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Committee of Palestinian Prisoners’ Affairs stressed that recent news about four Palestinian prisoners being infected with coronavirus is inaccurate. The committee stressed, however, that four prisoners were suspected to be infected and that they were isolated.
The committee explained that the four prisoners had no symptoms. The committee stated in a press statement that it has communicated with the Israeli Prison Service and Palestinian MKs, who informed it that four prisoners were suspected to be infected with the virus.
The administration of Megiddo jail emptied section “4” and turned it to a quarantine area.

Several human rights watchdogs quoted prisoners inside the jail saying that the IPS told them that four prisoners were infected with coronavirus and that an Israeli interrogator, who holds the virus, infected them.
Although of the increasing numbers of coronavirus cases in the occupation state, the IPS did not take any procedure to protect the nearly 5000 Palestinian prisoners in its jails. Furthermore, it has prevented them from using cleaning supplies and stopped medical tests, which adds to the already unhealthy and poor conditions in which the prisoners live.

Palestinian prisoners, through their representative, asked the IPS to provide face masks to help avoid the virus, however, the IPS mockingly responded ordering prisoners to “use their socks” as face masks, according to the Chief of studies and documentation unit in the detainees and former detainees affairs committee Abdel Naser Farwaneh.
The occupation state holds nearly 5000 Palestinians in its jails, including 180 children, 43 women, over 700 sick prisoners, and nearly 200 prisoners with chronic diseases.
Several human rights watchdogs have warned that the lives of 5000 Palestinian prisoners are in danger as the Israelis refuse to provide the minimum requirements of health during an increasing risk of coronavirus outbreak.



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