(IFJ) strongly condemns the deliberate act of violence committed by “Israel” against journalists

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the Palestinian Journalist Syndicate strongly condemn this deliberate act of violence against media workers and urges the Israeli authorities to investigate the attack and bring those responsible to justice.

A wounded Palestinian is being carried away by locals after Israeli forces’ intervention during the protest in Beit, on 2 March. ISSAM RIMAWI / ANADOLU AGENCY

The PJS reported that the Israeli army fired bullets and threw tear gas at reporters while they were covering the assault of Israeli soldiers on Palestinian citizens in the city of Beita. The attack left several people injured, including journalist Baker Abdulhaq, Palestine TV correspondent in the region, who was hit by a bullet in the leg. The PJS denounced the incident as a “deliberate attack on journalists” while they were doing their job.

The PJS said: “The complete responsibility for such crimes falls on the leaders of the occupation’s government and army who should be held accountable according to the UN security council resolution 2222, which requires the legal persecution of the perpetrators of crimes against journalists“.

IFJ General Secretary Anthony Bellanger expressed full support for the PJS and urged the Israeli army and authorities to stop the on-going repression and targeting of Palestinian media workers.

Source: IFJ News.


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