Palestinian-American organisations announce thier support for Bernie Sanders for US president

A broad coalition of key Palestinian-American organisations has announced its support for Senator Bernie Sanders for president.
“More than any other presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders has built a historically inclusive and forward thinking-movement, one that represents America as a set of ideas grounded in the belief that all humans are equal and worthy of dignity and rights,” the coalition of political, academic and social organisations said in a joint statement.
It went on to describe Sanders as “a consistent supporter of justice, equality and human rights for all”, including the Palestinian people, adding that in December 2019, Sanders said the US foreign policy must be pro-Palestinian as it is pro-Israel.

The statement added that Sanders has repeatedly raised attention to the Israeli occupation’s violations against the Palestinians, and has previously stated that US aid to Israel can be used to hold the Israeli government accountable for its human rights violations.
The statement also referred to Sanders’ opposition to bills criminalizing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) movement against Israel as well as his rejection of Trump’s Mideast plan known as “deal of the century”.
The statement called on Palestinian Americans, Arabs, and supporters of human rights to donate for and vote for Sanders.

Source: Middle East Monitor.


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