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Palestinian activists call on Eurovision to boycott “Israel”

Palestine- Wednesday, March 4, 2020( The inside Palestine) Eden Alene is an Israeli singer who is currently serving in the Israeli occupation army, and will be representing apartheid “Israel” in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest.

Accordingly, a group of Palestinian activists from “Vpalestine team” are calling for canceling her entry to the festival, as it would normalize Israel’s ongoing military occupation of the Palestinian territories.

The activists also are calling for halting all kinds of business with “Israel” until it recognizes the basic rights of Palestinians.

About the reason of the boycott; The statistics says that the occupation state arrested 440 Palestinians in one month, including 67 children, 11 women, and 3 journalists. Not mentioning the 84 violations that “Israel” has committed against Palestinian media, and injuring dozens of unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza.

Here are some of the team’s comments:


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