Locals and internationals expressing their rejection of Trump’s plan

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Thousands of Palestinians went to the streets of several cities throughout Palestine, demonstrating against Trump’s plan to end the Palestinian cause.
Demonstrations kicked off in Palestinian and Arab cities before and after the conference, in which Trump unveiled his plan, and which was attended by ambassadors of western countries as well as the ambassadors of UAE, Bahrain, and Oman.
On the northern entrance to the city of Bireh, violent confrontations erupted between native Palestinians and fully armed Israeli soldiers, who used live bullets and tear gas against the locals.

Violent confrontations also erupted near the apartheid wall in the village of Jayyous in northern Qalqilya. Israeli soldiers shot angry native Palestinians using live bullets.
In Occupied Hebron, the Israeli army opened fire at hundreds of Palestinians, who went to streets to protests against Trump’s repressive plan. The Israeli army used live bullets against the protesters. Palestinian young men also threw stones at buses carrying illegal settlers near Halhoul in the North of the city.
Thousands of protesters also went on demonstrations in Ramallah, Nablus, Jenin, Yatta, and the cities of Gaza strip, slamming the plan and flatly rejecting it.

In occupied Haifa, Palestinians protested and stressed that resistance and armed combat are the only ways to restore the rights.
In Berlin, Palestinians and pro-Palestine activists participated in a vigil in front of the US embassy to condemn Trump’s plan.
Another protest was held in Amman as well, where several Palestinians and Jordanians protested in front of the US embassy to show solidarity with Palestine and reject Trump’s plan.
Outrage also swept social media platforms, where activists from all around the world showed solidarity with the Palestinians and their rights and rejected Trump’s plan.
Alyta De Leon thought it would be a good chance to remind the world how ‘Israel’ was created and expanded.

Football Against Apartheid called on FIFA to boycott the occupation state the same way it did to apartheid Sout Africa.

The founder of the Arab American Institute (AAI) James Zogby described Trump’s proposal on the future “State of Palestine” as a Bantustan, comparing the occupation state to Apartheid South Africa.



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