Trump to reveal his “deal of the century” which is rejected by Palestine

Washington (QNN)- US President Donald Trump announced that he will reveal the deal of the century on Tuesday, although it was already rejected by Palestine.
Addressing reporters, Trump said on Monday that his plan will be announced at noon and claimed that the Palestinians will “ultimately” support it.
“I think it might have a chance,” he said alongside visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House.
Israeli media reported on Thursday that, according to preliminary plans, Israel would claim sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and immediately annex all but 15 illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, as well as the land linking them.
Jerusalem would be declared the capital of Israel, while the creation of a demilitarised Palestinian state would be agreed to at a later time.

Trump said Palestinians might react negatively to his plan at first, but that “it’s actually very positive for them.”
“It’s a great plan,” said Trump, who will meet with Netanyahu at the White House on Tuesday. “It’s a plan that really would work.”
Trump currently faces an impeachment trial in the US Senate. Many say that the timing of the announcement is meant to distract the world from his impeachment.



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