200 Native Palestinians have been arrested by ‘Israel’ since the start of 2020.

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Palestine Prisoners Center for Studies has documented 200 arrests throughout historic Palestine since the start of 2020.
The center revealed that the arrests include 21 children (under the age of 18), the youngest of them is Muhammad Abu Qalbein (13 years old) from the neighborhood of Bab Al Amoud in occupied Jerusalem.
Israeli forces also arrested Hussein Younes (17 years old) from Bethlehem after shooting him in the knee, causing fractures. The child has undergone several surgeries to fix his knee.
The arrests also included seven Palestinian ladies and girls, most of them are from Jerusalem. They also arrested a pregnant woman in her last month of pregnancy along with her husband. She was released after long hours of interrogation and a 20,000 Shekel fine.

Six Palestinians from Gaza have been arrested this year as well, two of them were arrested at Erez border crossing and four others were arrested near the separation barrier.

Source: QNN.


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