“Israel” is trying to beautify its crimes against Palestinians

Israeli intelligence officials said that the Israeli Security Agency could turn the narrative about an Israeli massacre in Gaza to look “completely false.”

Former head of Israel’s National Information Directorate, Yarden Vatikay, has revealed how Israel uses secret intelligence change actual narratives about its massacres against Palestinians, Israel Defensereported last week.

In an exclusive interview with the website, Vatikay said: “The question of using intelligence materials is derived from the campaign you are conducting. The campaign involves various activities. It begins with what I want to transmit to my target audiences.”

He said that “Israel transmits to and conducts dialogues with three types of target audiences – the Israeli audience, the international audience and the regional audience.”

Vatikay continued: “Some of the materials are problematic with regard to declassification. You do it together with the organ in charge of the materials.”

For example, he said that during the Israeli offensive on Gaza in 2008, the Israeli security Agency used intelligence to change headlines made about one of the Israeli massacres.

He said that the Israeli Security Agency could turn the narrative about the Israeli massacre to look “completely false.”

Another example, Vatikay said, the issue about the World Vision, which is the largest Christian welfare organisation.

In this case, the Israeli Security Agency could provide false information about its director in Gaza, Mohamed al Halaby, and that led to the closure of the branch of that welfare organisation. To prove that, they even asked the Israeli army to arrest Al Halaby.

Vatikay recognised that Israel could use intelligence to re-write history and the narratives that say it carried out massacres in efforts that have previously “prevented a very serious image crisis for Israel”.

(Source: Palestine Post 24)


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