Over 13 million Palestinians spread worldwide by the end of 2019

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The total number of Palestinians throughout the globe has been estimated at 13.350 million; 5.039 million in Gaza and the West Bank, 1.597 million inside the Green Line, nearly 5.986 million in the Arab world, and nearly 727,000 in other countries, according to the Palestinian Central Office of Statistics.
The office also stated that 42% of the total number of residents in Palestine are refugees.

It also revealed that the fertility rate between 2011-2013 has dropped to 4.1 children in comparison with 5.9 children in 1999. The average family size also dropped from 6.1 members for each family in 2000 to 5.1 members in 2017.
Meanwhile, the birth rate, as well as the mortality rate, have been dropped in 2019.
Palestinian women in Jordan had the highest fertility rate in comparison with other Palestinian women in Syria and Lebanon.

Source: QNN.


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