Factories in Gaza face tough economic conditions due to Israeli siege

Over 520 factories in Gaza are going to be shut down by the end of this year due to the very tough economic conditions in Gaza following the Israeli wars and besiegement on the heavy-populated enclave, according to the General Union of Palestinian Industries.

The union told “Sawa” that 2019 was even worse than the year before as 520 factories have been shut down this year while other factories moved outside the strip to Jordan or Egypt, leading to layoffs and increased unemployment among other social and humanitarian problems.

The Union stated that more than 35,000 workers used to work in the clothing industry but the figures dropped to 3-5 thousand only. The timber industry also used to hire 30,000 Gazans but it hires now only 3,000 because of the recent Israeli restrictions on exports of both industries.

Only 10-15% of Gazans currently work, as 10-15 thousand workers have been laid off.

As regards the private sector, which is mainly made up of the construction industry and used to hire over 130,000 workers, has been hampered by the Israeli restrictions on the construction industry.

The occupation state has targeted all kinds of economic installations during its wars on the besieged enclave. It also prevents Gaza’s exportation of much essential material and equipment.

(Source: QNN)


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