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Palestinian activists defend Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine

Palestinian activists have defended their capital, Jerusalem as Former US Attorney, Preet Bharara, visited it and tweeted:

On 14/May/2018, the US moved to relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which is supposed to be one of the key points to be negotiated between the Palestinians and Israelis in their stalled peace talks.

On the other hand, Palestinian people will live on Jerusalem, which is supposed to be the city of peace, despite attempts to deny their existence, the justice of their cause and the need to end their 71 years of suffering inflicted by their victimisers, who once upon a time were victims of a similar suffering.

4.8 million Palestinians will not vanish in thin air, and their Palestine will not disappear and will always remain where it has always been, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.

Palestine will always live on, with Jerusalem as its capital, and as it has defenders like ”Palestine SunBirds” team.


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