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Palestinian activists defend the eternal capital of Palestine, Jerusalem

Richard Kemp, Retired British colonel, has retweeted Boris Johnson’s tweet, in which he congratulates the Jewish people in Britain of their Chanukah festival, and has promised them to move towards Jerusalem, commenting,

It is not surprising that these words have come out from Kemp, who is :

  • Kemp’s state of play is revealed here: converting past crimes into authoritative precedents to justify present crimes, or to transform crimes into legitimate counterinsurgency tactics.
  • He only wants to beautify the Israeli propaganda. For instance, he asserts, in complete disregard of the evidence, that “Israel” imposed the blockade on Gaza “only in response to attacks by Hamas.” While it is common knowledge, even in “Israel”, that the blockade has been maintained since 2007 as a ‘collective punishment’ imposed on the civilian population of Gaza.
  • He has been an ardent supporter of Israel’s military operations in the Gaza strip.
  • He refuted a U.N. Human Rights Council report that accuses Israeli soldiers of “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity” on the Gaza border.

As a result of Kemp’s last support to “Israel” and its crimes against Palestinian civilians, activists in ”VPalestine” team defended their own country and Jerusalem.


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