Hundreds participate in the Jerusalem Festival in Edinburgh

Hundreds participated in the Jerusalem Festival in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland on Sunday 12/14/2019, the event was organized by the Arab gathering in Edinburgh “Amal” and a number of institutions that support the Palestinian cause in Scotland.  The audience listened to a recorded message from the bishop Attallah Hanna who reminded them that the person they celebrate the birth of (Jesus PBUH) was born in Bethlehem and lived in Jerusalem, calling for brotherhood and love amongst the people. The bishop added: Do not leave our holy country “Palestine” alone, stand up against the occupation, injustice and tyranny.

The attendees also enjoyed a speech from the guest of honor, Dr. Raed Fathi, the teacher at the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, reminding them of the association of this nation with Jerusalem, stimulating in their memories emotional images of the Palestinian’s attachment to his land, soil, trees and all its details.

Fathi added that standing up for Palestine is affiliation to humanity and a bias for justice and the right of the Palestinians to return to their homeland, He stressed that injustice does not last, and that empowerment is a divine imperative for the owners of the land and the vulnerable.

Mrs. Amal Ali delivered the speech of the Muslim Women Organization in Edinburgh, calling for a rally around Jerusalem, caring for its news and working from home.

At the event was also a great part of the heritage of Palestine, Dabkeh presented by the Al Fursaan Band for Dabke from London, and Abdel Fattah Awinat who sang songs for returning to Palestine.

In conclusion, the festival included a fundraising campaign for a number of humanitarian projects in occupied Jerusalem.

Source: PIC.


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