Israeli settlers were responsible for 256 cases of violence against Palestinians in 2019

Violence by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem al-Quds has long been part of their daily life. Recent Data by the Israeli military establishment showed an increase of settlers’ attacks against Palestinians over the past months.

According to Israeli daily Haaretz, Israeli settlers were responsible for 256 cases of violence against Palestinians in 2019. The newspaper added that there’s an increase in severity and scope of settlers’ violence compared to that of 2018.

Palestinians say Israeli regime investigates less than five percent of the settlers’ attacks. Meanwhile, Israeli settler’s leadership did not denounce the attacks, on the contrary, they encourage the settlers act with violence, with the goal of forcing the Palestinians to leave .

Over the recent years, the violence has resulted in injuries as well as damages to property and land. Anti-settlement groups believe the settlers assaults are not isolated incidents. They say this sort of violence is part of a sophisticated, wider strategy designed to assert territorial domination over the occupied territories.

At the end of the day, Palestinians say world’s mere condemnations can’t stop Israel’s violence and continuous breach of international law particularly given to this fact that settlements in the first place are considered illegal.

Through years of Israel’s occupation, violence by extremist settlers against Palestinians has been on the rise across the occupied territories. Palestinians warn that the settlers are going unpunished by the Israeli regime for their crimes. They say the settlers are even emboldened by the occupation’s military to go ahead with their offences.

(Source: Press TV)


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