Dozens of activists protest against police violence in Issawiya

Dozens of Palestinian, Israeli and foreign activists rallied on Saturday night in Jaffa street in central Occupied Jerusalem to protest the ongoing police suppressive campaign against the Palestinian residents of Issawiya district.

Activists from the 1948 occupied land, Jerusalem and foreign countries participated in the sit-in and carried banners and chanted slogans condemning the Israeli campaign against Issawiya residents.

According The Jerusalem Post website, more than 250 Israeli, Palestinian and international activists demonstrated outside Jerusalem’s Russian Compound on Saturday night, calling for an end to Israeli police brutality and violence in Issawiya district, east of Jerusalem.

Local residents and various human rights groups say Israeli police violence in Issawiya has been happening on a daily basis for nearly six months.

Residents and activists also affirm that police forces regularly use tear gas and stun grenades, raid homes at night, set up checkpoints and conduct random searches in Issawiya, with no reason.

“I’ve been there personally and I saw for myself how the village (Issawiya) is completely quiet, how there is no conflict whatsoever, and then the police come in, vehicle after vehicle,” one of the activists told The Jerusalem Post. “What we’ve seen on the ground as activists night after night after night is completely different than the propaganda. If you go there, you see how the police do their best to break the calm in the neighborhood.”

Source: PIC.


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