Arab lawmaker attacked by right-wing activists

Ahmad Tibi, a member of Israeli Knesset for Arab Movement for Change, was attacked by extremist Israeli Jewish settlers on Saturday while entering an event in central city of Ramat Hasharon.

Tibi was called a terrorist and murderer by protesters who said he is not welcomed, according to Israeli media reports.

He says members of the Arab-majority Joint List would have been murdered if a minority government was formed with their support.

Attack came as a result of the Arab MKs’ support for Benny Gantz, the political rival of the head of the right-wing bloc Benjamin Netanyahu for the formation of the Israeli government.

Gantz failed and the Israeli President Reuven Rivlin told the Knesset to find a new prime minister by December 11 or face elections for the third time in 112 months.

Netanyahu was unable to form a government following inconclusive elections as he remains embroiled in several corruption cases.


Source: Palestine Post 24


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