Israeli occupation forces Palestinian family to self-demolish part of its home in Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem(The Inside Palestine)- The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) on Monday forced a Jerusalemite young man to demolish part of his house in Beit Hanina town, northeast of Jerusalem.

Fayez Izhiman, the homeowner, explained that the Israeli municipality ordered him at first to demolish the concrete ceiling of a room in the house and gave him the option of replacing it with a wooden ceiling, so he had to do so before it recently asked him to knock down all the room’s walls.

Izhaiman said that the municipality also sent a crew later to put marks on the room’s walls that must be demolished and gave him until next month to carry out the measure.

That part of the house was a living room and its demolition led the other room to lose some of its walls.

In June 2020, the Israeli municipality also forced him to demolish part of his house and pay a fine of 9,000 shekels, but later he had to rebuild it because he had no other place to live in.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center


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