Palestinian kidnapped from his home by Israeli occupation forces in Sheikh Jarrah

Occupied Jerusalem (The Inside Palestine)- The Israeli occupation police on Friday evening kidnaped a Palestinian young man from his home in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

According to local sources, police forces assaulted and kidnaped Khalil Asho from his home in the neighborhood and hauled him to a detention center in the holy city.

The Israeli police storm homes and carry out arrests in the besieged neighborhood almost on a daily basis to punish the local residents for resisting an Israeli plan to evict them from their homes.

Israel’s higher Court recently adjourned an appeal from four Jerusalemite families against an Israeli plan to expel them from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood after the latter rejected a court proposal for them to stay as “protected tenants” but recognize Israeli ownership of their homes and lands.

Source: Days Of Palestine


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