Israeli occupation forces detain 42 Palestinian women and 471 children in May

Occupied Palestine(The Inside palestine)- Human rights organizations said that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) detained 3,100 Palestinians, including 42 women and 471 children last May.

In a joint statement, the prisoners’ rights groups said that the Israeli occupation authorities last month launched arbitrary and systematic arrest campaigns across the occupied Palestinian territories.

The statement documented more than 2,000 arrests of Palestinian citizens, including 291 children, in the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948.

The Israeli occupation authorities released the vast majority of them on conditions and filed charges against more than 170 of them, the statement pointed out.

Nearly 1,100 arrests of Palestinian citizens, including 180 children and 42 women and girls, by Israeli occupation forces were reported in the occupied West Bank over the last month.

According to the statement, Jerusalem saw the highest number of arrests of Palestinian citizens by the Israeli occupation authorities in May.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation authorities targeted Palestinian parliamentary candidates, detaining six candidates for Hamas’ “Al-Quds is Our Destiny” list, in addition to two former members of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

Over the past month, the Israeli occupation authorities issued 200 administrative detention orders against Palestinians, 116 of them were issued for the first time.

Administrative detention, authorized by military order, is the imprisonment of Palestinians by the Israeli occupation authorities without charge or trial for a renewable period of up to six months.

Five Palestinian detainees have been on an open-ended hunger strike to protest their arbitrary administrative detention in Israeli prisons.

As of May, the Palestinian organizations explained, the number of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prions has reached approximately 5,300, including 40 women, about 250 children, and nearly 520 administrative detainees.

The statement noted that 81 of the children from the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948 are still incarcerated by the Israeli occupation authorities.

Source : Safa


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