Photo exhibition in Gaza to document recent Israeli attacks

Gaza (The Inside Palestine)-The Ministry of Information in Gaza launched the ‘A witness to the crime’ photo exhibition to highlight Israel’s attacks on the Strip during its 11-day assault last month.

The exhibition is an effort to convey to the world a picture of what caused the aggression on the Strip, head of the government media office Salama Maarouf explained. “We will allow the truth to speak and the pictures to talk and narrate what caused the aggression,” he added.

This will be a permanent exhibition that documents the occupation’s crimes against Palestinians in the besieged enclave between 10-21 May. It will also provide a place through which international delegation can learn about the occupation’s manoeuvres and crimes against Gaza.

In its latest airstrike campaign against Gaza, Maarouf said, Israel targeted all aspects of Palestinian life, killing 254 civilians, including over 60 children, and destroying media headquarters.

Source: Middle East Monitor

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