Warning of dangerous repercussions of denying Gaza injuries treatment outside the Strip

Gaza (The Inside Palestine)- The health sector in the Palestinian NGOs Network warned on Monday of the dangerous repercussions on the lives of hundreds of patients in the Gaza Strip as a result of the Israeli occupation authorities’ continued prevention of their travel for treatment outside the Strip.

The health sector indicated in a statement reached Safa that there are thousands of patients, especially cancer patients and those with chronic diseases need to receive urgent treatment in hospitals in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the occupied territories in 1948, stressing that any delay will deteriorate their health conditions.

The international community was called on to put pressure on the Israeli authorities to open the crossings with Gaza, to allow the safe passage of Gaza patients, and to obtain their right to receive treatment.

In addition, the health sector network called on all parties to work to provide supplies of medicines and medical consumables to the health sector in Gaza to face the severe shortage in them to face the repercussions resulting from the aggression and the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Source: Safa


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