Turkish Parliament: ‘Israel’ become well aware that use brutal practices will not deter demands of Palestinians

Turkey(The Inside Palestine)- Turkish Parliament Speaker Mustafa Shantop said that Israel has become well aware that the use of force and brutal practices will not deter the legitimate rights and demands of the Palestinian people.

This came in a recorded video message of Shantoub, in which he addressed the 142nd General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, which was held via video conference from 24 to 27 May.

“Israel must immediately abandon the state terrorism it is practicing against civilians in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and occupied Jerusalem,” said Shantoub.

He stressed that the occupation government deliberately ignores the United Nations resolutions, continues its illegal occupation of the Palestinian lands, and practiced the worst forms of violence against the Palestinian people, without taking into account the sanctity of the month of Ramadan and its sanctity among Muslims.

He referred to the important and pivotal role of parliaments in establishing trust and peace among the peoples of the world.

Source: Safa


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