28 Jerusalemite families of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood threatened with displacement

Jerusalem ( The Inside Palestine)- Jerusalem activists called Saturday to organize a support stand for the families of Sheikh Jarrah after the Tarawih prayer, in light of the end of the deadline granted by the Israeli occupation to displace 28 Jerusalemite families, as it is scheduled to take a final decision on Sunday.

During the day, settlers carried out a number of provocative activities in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, including gathering in front of the homes of Jerusalemites and attacking them.

The past days have witnessed joint attacks by settlers and Israeli police officers against the residents of the neighborhood.

The coordinator of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood committee and one of those threatened with displacement, Aref Hamad, stated that there is a session tomorrow in the Israeli occupation court regarding the displacement of the residents of the neighborhood from Jerusalemites, and it is possible that the court will decide to displace the residents.

Hamad indicated that the other scenario expected in tomorrow’s session is to transfer the case to the so-called Supreme Court in the occupying power, where it will be presented before a committee consisting of three judges.

Hamad added that it is not possible to foresee what will emerge from the Israeli occupation court, but we will continue our steadfastness inside our homes, and we will not get out of them except by force, and we will not submit to criminal displacement decisions.

Source: Days of Palestine


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