Shocking testimonies reveal Israeli violations against political prisoners and children

Occupied Palestine (The inside Palestine)- A report by the Committee of detainees and former detainees showcased testimonies by political prisoners, including children, revealing violations committed against them during arrests and interrogations.

According to the report, Israeli soldiers attacked Mo’men Raddad (30 years old) from Tulkarm after breaking into his house at dawn. After they handcuffed and blindfolded him and covered his head with a plastic bag, they forced him to walk a long way until he reached a military camp. They also kept beating and kicking him all along the way.

Raddad said when he reached the camp, the Israeli doctor there did not examine his condition, rather he threw away medicine that Raddad has been taking due to ear troubles.

Raddad added that he has been tortured using Shabeh method and beaten then he was taken to the Jalameh interrogation center. He said that the beating and assaults caused his health condition to deteriorate.

In another testimony, Muhammad Matahen (26 years old) from Jenin was severely beaten after he was attacked by an undercover force, which caused him bruises and a fracture in his right shoulder. After that, they took him to Huwarah interrogation center then to Megiddo jail. The Israeli Prison Service continues to deny him medication and medical care.

The child Muhammad Idwan (17 years old) from Izariyyeh in occupied Jerusalem was beaten by Israeli soldiers while he was held in a military Jeep. He was also held in Jalameh jail for 13 days, where he suffered due to the very harsh conditions, then he was taken to the Damon jail.

In another testimony by a child, Muhammad Khweirah (16 years old)from Ramallah was severely beaten on his head during interrogation. Although the child told the interrogators that he has a previous injury in his head, they continued to beat him.

Source: QNN


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