Israeli occupation subjects 85% of Palestinian children to physical violence during their detention

Ramallah (The Inside Palestine)- Defence for Children International (DCI) reported on Sunday that 85% of Palestinian children, detained by the occupation state, were subject to physical violence during their detention.

A report by DCI said that 85% of detained children were subject to physical violence; 68% of them had their hands and legs cuffed while 91% were blindfolded, according to the report that was based on testimonies by 79 children from the West Bank.

The movement added in the report, issued to mark the Palestinian Child Day, that Israeli authorities continue to violate the rights of Palestinian children despite the pandemic. 57% of Palestinian children were detained from their houses at night, while 76% of them were not informed of the reason why they were detained, according to the report.

The report added that it documenting detaining 27 children in solitary confinement for two days or more, which rises to the level of torture. In one case, a child was detained in solitary confinement for 32 days.

It also stated that administrative detention orders were issued against 36 children, two of them are still under administrative detention, noting that Palestinian children are usually sent to military trials and denied their right to have a lawyer or even any of their family members around.

In the same context, Israeli authorities continued to kill and meme Palestinian children. Last year, nine children between 14 and 17 were killed, seven of them were in the West Bank and two in Gaza, while one child was killed this year in Salfit.

Source: QNN


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