Jerusalemite activists, human rights organizations call for constituting public committees to confront ‘Israel’

Occupied Jerusalem (The Inside Palestine)- Jerusalemite activists and human rights organizations called for constituting national committees to confront Israel’s policies of Judaization, following the demolition of dozens of homes in King’s Garden, and the evacuation of Sheikh Jarrah’s neighborhood.

“The committees must be expert in law and human rights to confront Israel’s policies,” Mohammed Abu Alhoms, a Jerusalemite activist, said.

He added that Jerusalem witnessed accelerated operations of demolition, displacement, and penalties imposed over Jerusalemites.

The Israeli authorities fined 28 Palestinian families in King’s Garden with more than 780.000 NIS to double the suffering of the citizens, according to Abo Al-Homs.

He confirmed that the Jerusalemite crowds are powerful. Several causes, including the cause of electronic gates in 2017, proved the power of the Palestinian crowds in breaking Israel’s policies and plans.

Jerusalemites witnessed almost 33.000 orders of demolition and displacement in exchange for building hundreds of thousands of settlements.

Municipality of Israel seeks to demolish dozens of homes in King’s Garden, next to Al-Aqsa Mosque, and to turn the land into a “biblical garden”.

Families of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood face a new catastrophe as Israeli authorities notified dozens of families to evacuate their homes for the sake of settlers.

Source: Safa


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