Since the beginning of 2021, ‘Israel’ targeted 178 structures, displacing 259 Palestinians, including 140 children

West Bank( The inside Palestine)- The United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said that since the beginning of 2021 alone, ‘Israel’ targeted 178 structures belonging to Palestinians, displacing 259 people, including 140 children.

On 1 and 3 February, 60 people, including 35 children, were displaced from their homes in Hamsa al-Foqa village in the northern Jordan valley and their belongings seized or destroyed by Israeli occupation forces, following an earlier demolition of 83 other structures in November 2020, the largest single demolition since 2009.

One school in Um Qussa, in the southern West Bank, is also currently under imminent threat of demolition by Israeli occupation authorities, which would impact 50 children.

Currently 53 schools, which are attended by 5,200 children, have demolition orders placed against them.

At Least 37 Palestinian structures which were donated from the EU and UN, have been destroyed.

“The lack of Israeli-issued building permits is typically cited as the reason, even though, due to the restrictive and discriminatory planning regime, Palestinians can almost never obtain such permits,” said Sarah Muscroft, the head of OCHA in the occupied Palestinian territory.

“Demolitions are a key means of creating an environment that leaves Palestinians with no other choice than to leave their homes.”

Almost 800 Palestinians, including 404 minors, lost their homes in 2020.

Throughout 2019, 677 lost their homes, up from 387 in 2018 and 521 in 2017.

Source: QNN


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