Groups of Israeli settlers continue bulldozing Palestinian lands in Jordan Valley

Jordan Valley( The inside Palestine)- Groups of Jewish settlers resumed on Wednesday the bulldozing of Palestinian lands and pastures north of the Maskyot settlement in the northern Jordan Valley. The bulldozing started on Tuesday morning.

Aref Daraghmeh, a human rights activist, said that the settlers continue to raze Palestinian land to expand their settlement.

Daraghmeh pointed out that settlers have intensified the leveling and fencing of large areas of pastoral land in the northern Jordan Valley to seize them and prevent the Palestinian residents of the Jordan Valley from reaching them.

The bulldozing and fencing are an extension of the fence that settlers placed months ago on an area estimated at more than thirty thousand dunums.

In 2021, the Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) seized more than 11 thousand dunums in the Palestinian Jordan Valley. Most of these lands are pastoral lands and they were seized in favor of the so-called nature reserves. This is one of the largest theft of Palestinian lands in the Jordan Valley.

Since occupying the West Bank, Israel has sought to annex and Judaize the Palestinian Jordan Valley which is located on an enormous reservoir of water.

The Jordan Valley is the food basket of Palestine and it is the most affected area by the IOA annexation project, which envisages appropriating thousands of dunums of Palestinian agricultural land.

Several areas in the West Bank, especially in the Jordan Valley and villages adjacent to the settlements, are under constant attack by settlers with the aim of confiscating more lands, building settlement roads and displacing the Palestinian inhabitants.

Source: PIC


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