Palestinians participate in stand of solidarity with isolated prisoners in Israeli jails

Nablus( The inside Palestine)- The National Committee for the Support of Prisoners in Nablus, in the northern West Bank, organized on Tuesday a stand to support the prisoners languishing in solitary confinement in the Israeli prisons.

The stand took place in Martyrs Square in the city center with participation of a number of prisoners’ families, leaders of the factions, and activists in prisoners’ issues.

In a speech of the National Committee, Kamal Zarifa said that the prisoners are subjected to oppression, abuse, and solitary isolation, stressing that these policies will not undermine their determination and steadfastness, calling on the Palestinian people to support the prisoners and stand by them.

Besides, he called on the international community to take its responsibilities towards the prisoners issue, considering them prisoners of war in accordance with the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Source : Safa


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