Israeli excavations works aims at faking history and obliterating the Islamic existence

Jerusalem (The Inside Palestine)_ Shaykh Akrama Sabri – President of the High Islamic Council and Preacher of the Aqsa Mosque – stated that Israel is in a race against time to impose sovereignty over Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa mosque through faking history and obliterating the Islamic existence.

“Excavation works in the Yard of the Buraq wall is old,” Sabri said.

“They started the excavations works in the 18th century with the help of British commissions concerned about monuments pretending that they search for monuments, but indeed, they were trying to prove the Jewish existence in Jerusalem,” he added.

Sabri mentioned that Israel focuses on the yard of the Buraq wall, whose land returns to Islamic Waqf, aiming at erasing all the Islamic monuments throughout history.

“Israel destroys and erase any Islamic monuments they find, trying to avenge their failure to prove their existence in the holy land,” Sabri confirmed.

“They did not find even a stone related to the old Jewish history despite the huge excavations in the land and the millions and billions they paid to fake their history,” he added.

Israel is preparing to build huge buildings, restaurants, offices, car garages in the yard of the Buraq wall in parallel with a subway system connecting it with some of the Jewish districts.

He finialized, “Every stone in Jerusalem tells a story, and proves that the history is for Jerusalem. Israel seeks to change the Islamic culture of the area and build huge buildings to obscure Al-Aqsa mosque.”

Source: Safa


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