Palestinian prisoner suffer from cancer and liver infection held in harsh conditions in Israeli jails

(The inside Palestine)- The Palestinian Center for Prisoners Studies (PCPS) has held the Israeli occupation authority fully responsible for the life of prisoner Imad Abu Rumouz, 46, as a result of his suffering from cancer and a liver infection.

According to the center, prisoner Abu Rumouz has been in detention since December 2004, serving 25 years in jail.

In recent month, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, but because of the delay in allowing him to undergo surgery to remove one of his testicles, the cancer spread to other areas of his body.

Following pressures by his fellow prisoners, Israeli jailers allowed him to undergo surgery about one month ago in an Israeli hospital in Jerusalem, without providing him with any medical follow-up after the operation.

Later, his health deteriorated and tests confirmed his suffering from a virus infection in the liver.

Source: PIC


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