Former Palestinian prisoner dies of Israeli medical negligence

Occupied Palestine (The Inside Palestine)- Former prisoner, Muhammad Salahiddin, died on Monday died of cancer after being deprived of treatment while held in Israeli jails.

In a statement issued today, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Association said Salahiddin joined a long list of former prisoners, who died after being released due to diseases that they suffered from while being jailed, as part of the Israeli policy of medical negligence and slow murder.

Salahiddin’s death comes while hundreds of Palestinian prisoners suffer inside Israeli jails from chronic diseases, including cancer.

Salahiddin (20 years old) was arrested in April 2019 and sentenced to two years in jail. July 2020, he found out that he had cancer only one month before being released in August 2020 after he became in a critical condition.

Source: QNN


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