Palestinian media activists urge to boycott Facebook in protest in protest of the social media’s crackdown on Palestinian content.

Occupied Palestine (The Inside Palestine)_ Palestinian media outlets and activists are being urged to observe a two-hour boycott of Facebook on Saturday in protest against the social media giant’s crackdown on Palestinian content.

The Palestinian Content Protection Initiative said in a statement that the campaign, which is scheduled for 5-7pm Jerusalem time on Saturday (3-5pm GMT) includes a halt on publishing, in addition to coverage to explain the justifications for this action.”The administrations of social media websites have been pursuing, targeting, and restricting the publishing and access of Palestinian pages and accounts, in full coordination with the Israeli occupation government,” said the Initiative. “As a result, Palestinian media have been restricted, and were unable to convey their national message.”

The Initiative pointed out that “the Facebook campaign has even expanded further to removing and blocking pages and restricting the access to the publications of media pages and news networks. Specialised centres have monitored a 50 per cent drop in access.”

“Because we are strong and have a right message, and because we defend a just cause against a brutal occupation, it is our duty to stand united to defend our message, and to communicate our voice in an effective and strong way to the administrations of these platforms,” the Initiative stressed.

The Palestinian Content Protection Initiative is a newly established gathering of Palestinian media outlets, initiatives, and activists working together to protect Palestinian content.

Source: Middle East Monitor


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