EU condemns Israel’s eviction orders against Palestinians of Jerusalem

The European Union (EU) Friday called on the Israeli authorities to cancel the eviction orders intended to implement against Palestinian families in East Jerusalem.

EU reaffirmed in a statement its strong opposition to the Israeli settlement policy and the measures taken in this context, including the evacuations.

It added that on November 3 and 23, the Israeli courts ruled in favor of the evacuation of eight Palestinian families in the Batn Al-Hawa neighborhood in Silwan in East Jerusalem, affecting 45 people, including young children, and the Al-Sabbagh family in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, affecting 32 members, including six children, putting all families at risk of imminent forcible transfer.

“On 3 and 9 December, representatives of us and some member states visited a number of these families who faced imminent eviction threats in the Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan neighborhoods in East Jerusalem,” it stated.

Moreover, the EU reported that in the past several years, the number of eviction orders has increased particularly in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan, where entire communities of about 200 families are at risk.

“In Batn al-Hawa alone, 14 families have already lost their homes since 2015, and more than 80 other families are facing eviction orders, as they are at risk of imminent displacement,” it underscored.

“In line with our firm position on the illegal Israeli settlement policy under international law, and the measures taken in this context, such as forcible transfers, evictions, home demolitions, and home confiscations, we call on the Israeli authorities to cancel the eviction orders that they intend to implement,” it said.

Source : Safa


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