2 Palestinian prisoners in difficult health conditions inside Israeli detentions

The Prisoners and Ex-prisoners Affairs Authority said on Sunday that the sick prisoners Nidal Abu Aahour and Nahed Al-Aqra, who are held in the Ramleh prison clinic, are suffering from difficult health conditions due to deliberate Israeli medical neglect and procrastination in providing them with the necessary treatment.

The authority stated in a press release that the prisoner Abu Aahour, 45, from Bethlehem suffers from kidney failure, a cancerous tumor in the kidneys, and breathing problems. Abu Aahour receives oxygen round the clock, in addition to suffering from high blood pressure, it said, adding that he cannot sleep except while sitting.

It indicated that the case of the prisoner, Nahed Al-Aqra, 52, from the al-Amari refugee camp in Ramallah, is one of the most difficult cases in the Israeli prisons. He is being held permanently in Ramleh clinic.

Aqra was arrested with one of his feet amputated and after he was taken to the occupation prisons, he received no proper treatment which led to infection with gangrene in his other leg. He later underwent an operation to amputate his leg in Asaf Harofeh hospital. He is still suffering from severe pain in both his feet and all over his body.

In Ramleh clinic, doctors are providing him with strong painkillers without treatment. Recently, Aqra also suffered from lung problems.

The number of sick prisoners in the occupation prisons is approximately 700, 300 of whom suffer from chronic diseases and in need of urgent treatment. Dozens of those prisoners suffer from cancerous diseases of varying degrees.

Source: PIC


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