Israeli prison guard injure minor Palestinian detainee

December 02, 2020 (In Palestine Today) – Israeli prison guards assaulted and severely beat up a Palestinian minor detainee after he complained of feeling unwell and needed to go to the clinic, today said the Detainees and ex-Detainees Affairs Commission in a statement.

It said that 17-year-old Hani Irmailat, from Jenin refugee camp, was taken to al-Jalama interrogation center near Haifa after his arrest last October, where he felt sick and when he complained of feeling unwell the prison guards severally beat him up, causing him injuries in the head and bleeding.

He was then transferred to a hospital for treatment.

Irmailat was subjected to over 20 days of harsh interrogation, and was later taken to Israeli Megiddo prison, said the commission.

Source: Wafa


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