Israeli occupation continues its policy in demolishing Palestinian homes to build new settlements

Occupied Jerusalem (The Inside Palestine)- The Israeli authorities notified the evacuation of five houses in East Jerusalem, displacing 32 Palestinians, including five children, from the Sabbagh family in order to replace them with Israeli settlers.

The civil collision to defend Palestinians’ rights in Jerusalem said an Israeli court decided to implement an old decision to evacuate five houses, which was frozen in 2019.

It added that the court gave the family until the 24th of November to evacuate their houses and pay 7000 NIS as a penalty for the settlers.

The collision noted that the court rejected an appeal to suspend the implementation of the decision.

The five families have been living in their houses since 1956 under a leasing contract with the Jordanian government and the UNRWA when 29 families moved to live in 18 dunum land governed by Jordan. The 28 families increased with time to 80.

The families were first expelled during the Nakbah from their houses in Jaffa, Haifa, and other Palestinian cities.

Israeli authorities recently evacuated the families of Kurd, Ghai, and Hannoun from their houses and they had decided to force seven other families this year and the next year.

Israeli courts rejected all documents that prove the Palestinian ownership of the houses and the land and favored invalid documents provide by Israeli settlers.

Source: Quds News Network


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