‘Israel’ neglects the safety of Palestinian detainees during the outbreak of COVID-19

Ramallah (QNN)- Palestinian prisoners in Gilboa jail are suffering from the increasing risk of COVID-19 virus amid the Israeli negligence of their needs to protect themselves from the virus, stated the Palestinian Prisoners Society. The Israeli Prison Service (IPS) started to provide each cell with one lemon as part of its measures to protect prisoners from the virus, the society added.

The statement by the Prisoners Society warned that the Israeli stalling to take any serious measures to protect prisoners from COVID-19 is deemed willful abandon.

The IPS has been denying prisoners their basic requirements to protect themselves from the virus, which pushed them to buy face masks and cleaning supplements, the statement added.

Approximately 90 political prisoners, who are positive for the virus, are held in section (3), which although has been declared by the Israelis as a “quarantine section”, but it lacks even the very basic needs and conditions to contain ill prisoners.

At the start of the pandemic, a group of infected prisoners was held in cells infested by rats and insects, but they were returned into the regular sections after they protested.

The NGO called on international and human rights organizations to intervene and save the lives of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

Source: QNN


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