UK court rules: Elbit has more right to profit from war crimes & kill Palestinians, than we have to oppose its atrocities

England (QNN)- Stafford Crown Court on Monday rejected a request by five anti-occupation activists to remove the conditions preventing them from traveling within a certain distance to all Elbit Systems sites. The judge justified the rule of protecting the interests of the business of the arms company, according to Palestine Action.

“The judge concluded that the interests of Elbit Systems ability to profit from war crimes and the protection of their property, was more important than both the right of the Elbit 5 activists to protest and their freedom of expression in this country, as well as the lives of Palestinians that Elbit oppresses and murders”, reported Palestine Action.

Thee five activists also pleaded not guilty for the charges of criminal damage, aggravated trespass and a trade union law that permits the rights to work, during their three-day occupation of an Elbit Systems UAV engine factory in Shenstone back in September.

Elbit Systems is Israel’s largest private arms manufacturer, and markets its weapons on the international market as “battle-tested” or “field-tested”, that is on citizens in Gaza.

Source: QNN


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