Israeli plan to build new settlement outpost in Walajeh

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The head of Al Walajeh’s municipal council, Khader Al A’raj, said the Israeli so-called planning and housing council plans to construct a new illegal settlement outpost on the lands of the village.

Al A’raj told QNN that the project has not been approved yet but maps of it have bee published by several Israeli sources.

The maps show that the settlement will be built on over 900 dunums of the lands of the villages of Al Walajeh and Battir.

Al A’raj added that the plan, if applied, would increase the suffering of the locals, who are already surrounded by the apartheid wall and Israeli settlements, and turns the village into an unlivable place.

Before 1948, Al Walajeh extended an area of 17,000 dunums but after the second occupation in 1967, only 3000 dunums have been left for the indigenous people.

Source: QNN


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