The occupation state committed 31 assaults against Palestinian journalists last month

Ramallah (QNN)- The occupation state has committed 31 assaults against Palestinian journalists in September in comparison with 11 in August, a new statistical study by the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) revealed.

Most of the assaults have been classified as very dangerous assaults, which had put the lives of the targeted journalists in danger.

The assaults included targeting seven journalists with bullets, tear gas canisters or direct attacks by both Israeli soldiers and settlers. Three journalists have been arrested, journalists crews have been prevented from covering events, and a press vehicle owned by Palestine TV. has been confiscated.

The journalists who were targeted in the Israeli attacks are: Fadi Yassin (beaten), Mahmoud Abdel Ghani (wounded with a rubber-coated metal round), Ja’far Ishtayyeh (Beaten by settlers), Adel Abu Ne’meh (attacked by settlers and suffocated by tear gas in two different incidents), Nidal Ishtayyeh (wounded with two rubber-coated metal rounds), and Naser Ishtayyeh (wounded in his back with a tear gas canister).

Meanwhile, Tareq Abu Zeid, Usama Shaheen, Abel Muhsen Shalaldeh, and Mujahed Mardawi were arrested. The latest was arrested while covering a peaceful anti-settlement protest.

Source: QNN


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