Heads of churches in Bethlehem warn of attempts to harm Christian-Muslim coexistence

Heads of Bethlehem churches today warned of attempts to harm the Christian-Muslim coexistence in Palestine.
In a press statement, heads of Bethlehem churches commended President Mahmoud Abbas and the leadership, including Director of the President’s Office Intisar Abu Amara, for their effective role in support of the Palestinian people in general and Palestinian Christians in particular, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.
They stressed that Palestinian Christians and Muslims are united in their national struggle for independence at the time when “foreign or domestic agendas are pursued to create strife and undermine Christian-Muslim coexistence” in Palestine.
They added, “Any attempt to exploit the Christian-Islamic coexistence in Palestine for the purpose of creating tension and breaking the national line is rejected by all churches and does not represent the Christian position of the churches portrayed in their mission, namely love, peace and achieving the right of the Palestinian people to independence and freedom on their national soil under the leadership of President Mahmoud Abbas.”

Source: Wafa News


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